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PETG is often referred to as a combination of PLA and ABS. PETG is more tough, durable and can withstand higher temperatures than PLA. With a glass transition temperature of about 80 degrees, PETG filaments can have many uses. If your part both has to look good and withstand high temperatures from the sun or high power lamps as well as parts for a car on a hot summer day, PETG can be a great alternative. It is even great for fixtures in a workshop as the material does not break in the same way and can withstand hits much better than PLA.

Pros with PETG-filament

  • Can withstand higher temperatures than PLA
  • Have a very shining finish
  • Tough material (will not break suddenly)
  • Can withstand some chemicals

Examples of parts in PETG

  • Fixtures in higher environmentally temperatures
  • Signs
  • Accessories for vehicles
  • Accessories for outdoor interests
  • Toys

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add:north - PETG (1.75 mm)

Add:north's PETG prints easily, is odorless, has low warping and a high impact resistance. PETG has ..

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add:north - Rigid X (1.75 mm)

Add:north’s Rigid X is a carbon fiber reinforced PETG filament. It combines the excellent chemical, ..

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