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Brinno - BCC2000 Professional Construction Camera Bundle

Brinno - BCC2000 Professional Construction Camera Bundle
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The BCC2000 Construction Trio Bundle Pack has all the components you need to shoot truly professional-quality outdoor project video. The Brinno time lapse camera delivers superior Full HD HDR images; the extended Power Housing further strengthens the long lasting outdoor photographing functionality. The versatile Clamp Mount Kit enables any shooting angle of your choice in open space. Offering the ultimate blend of flexibility and performance, the Pack makes months or yearlong hassle-free jobsite monitoring a genuine reality.

Brinno BCC2000 product video

HDR & FHD Imaging Technologies

Powerful HDR & FHD sensors greatly improve images of high contrast scenes for quality works, outdoors or indoors, daytime or night. No more fear to backlight and low light environment.

Flexible Schedule Setup

Set video shooting schedule to meet the demands of your project. The camera reliably captures and auto-edits frames into documentation video for easy jobsite monitoring.

Long Lasting Battery Life

Seamlessly combine proprietary power management system with powerful Power Housing. Simply set it up and forget about it until the project is done.

Weather Resistant IPX5

Add waterproof protection against adverse weather condition and assure the success of your jobsite video documentation.

Adjustable Clamp Mount

Strong, durable and flexible. The easy-to-use and adjustable clamp opens from a minimum of 1 mm to a max of 90 mm. It can grasp and hold on to any available object tightly and steadily at construction sites. The camera arm has a 360° rotating tripod (¼“) ball joint with 90° tilt for easily positioning the direction of the camera.

What's in the box?

  • Time Lapse camera Brinno TLC2000
  • Construction power housing ATH2000, incl
    • Camera mounting adapter
    • Battery slot
    • Extension lens cover
    • Screwdriver
    • USB-C adapter
    • 2 straps
    • Desiccant
  • Clamp Mount Kit ACC1000, incl
    • Camera Clamp
    • Magic Arm

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