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Brinno - TLC200PRO Time Lapse Camera

Brinno - TLC200PRO Time Lapse Camera
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Brinno TLC200Pro HDR Time Lapse Camera lets you capture images with an interval of time to create stunning time lapse videos. The Brinno TLC200PRO is built with a HDR (High Dynamic Range) image sensor making the creation of high quality time lapse videos a snap, even in low light situations where other cameras miss details. It is amazingly simple to use and the results are stunning. 

Time lapse video in 3 simple steps

  1. Choose capture interval
  2. Start recording
  3. Play the video

The camera will automatically convert the images into a video (in avi format). The video file can be played in most media players on Windows and Mac operating systems. With the Brinno TLC200Pro Camera anyone can create High Definition Time Lapse Videos at any place and any time.

Long battery life

The camera’s battery life depends on the which capture interval and scene the camera are set to. With the “daylight scene” and 5 minutes capture interval the battery will last for 40 whole days – letting you turn your TLC200Pro into a construction camera! 

Timer function

The timer function allows you to set a time when the camera should turn on automatically to begin recording and when it should turn off. 


Model TLC 200 Pro
LCD Screen 1.44" TFT LCD
Waterproof Optional, with the Weather Resistant Housing (ATH120)
Capture Mode
Time Lapse Auto generation of Time Lapse video
Stop Motion Optional, with the Shutter Line (ATS110)
Motion Activated Optional, with the Motion Sensor (ATM100) and Weather Resistant Housing (ATH120)
Image Sensor
Type 1/3" HDR sensor
Dynamic Range 115db
Resolution 1.3 Mega pixel
Pixel size 4.2um
Sensitivity 3650mV/lux-sec (Ultra good low light quality)
Optics Lens (BCS 019)
Type CS Mount (Aspherical Glass Lens)
Aperture F 2.0
Field of View 112°
Focal Length 19 mm (35 mm equivalent)
Focus Distance Manual focus from 1 cm to ∞ (factory setting: 40 cm )
Shooting Setting
Scene Daylight, Twilight, Night, Moon, Star
White Balance Auto, Day, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent Light (Cool), Fluorescent Light (Warm), Tungsten Light
Custom Image Exposure, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness
Time Lapse Video
Format: AVI
Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
Still Image
Format: JPEG – only when using the Shutter Line (ATS110)
Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
Memory Storage SD Card (Supports up to 32 GB)
Time Interval
ASAP Captures 3~5 photos in 1 second
Custom From 1 second to 24 hours
Power source
4 AA Batteries (included)
DC IN: 5V (Micro USB connector)
Battery Life 2 second time interval, captures 240,000 frames
Camera Body Dimension
Size (DxWxH) 64 x 52 x 107 mm
Weight 140 g (without batteries)
Color Black

Brinno TLC200PRO product videos 

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