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Chaos - V-Ray Premium

Chaos - V-Ray Premium
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V-Ray Premium: Advanced Rendering for Professional 3D Projects

V-Ray Premium: Professional Rendering for Advanced Projects

V-Ray is more than just a rendering engine; it's a partner in the design process. For 3D artists and architects striving for perfection in every pixel, V-Ray offers the precision and reliability your projects deserve. With support for the most popular programs like 3ds Max, Maya, Rhino, SketchUp, Revit, transitioning to V-Ray Premium is not just an upgrade of your tools, but an elevation of your entire design vision.

Photorealistic Ray-Traced Rendering with V-Ray

V-Ray sets itself apart from other rendering solutions by offering both CPU and GPU+CPU hybrid rendering. This technology uses adaptive ray tracing and unique scene intelligence to create images and animations that not only look real, they feel real. For architects and designers, this means every detail of their vision can be conveyed with unmatched clarity and realism, whether it's an interior, exterior, or an entire environment.

From Architectural Visualization to Game Development

V-Ray is a versatile solution used across a variety of industries. For architects and designers, it's an invaluable tool for visualizing and communicating their ideas. In media and entertainment, photorealistic 3D rendering is fundamental in creating engaging and captivating stories. V-Ray is not just a tool for creating beautiful images – it's a powerful ally in bringing your most ambitious projects to life.

Subscription Changes

With the launch of Vantage 2.0, we are introducing changes to our product licensing. Vantage 2.0 will now be sold as a separate product and will no longer be included in V-Ray® Premium or Enterprise subscription plans.

V-Ray Plans



Best value for single-machine users

  • Access to all V-Ray integrations
  • Fixed seat – Full version license which will be bound to one machine
  • Support included
  • Cosmos 3D Content Library


Get V-Ray Solo

Recommended for up to 4 seats

Best value and more flexibility for teams

  • Access to all V-Ray integrations
  • Floating – Full version license that can be shared on multiple machines
  • Support included
  • Cosmos 3D Content Library
  • 20 Chaos Cloud credits
  • Chaos Phoenix, Chaos Vantage, Chaos Player, Chaos Scans


Get V-Ray Premium

Minimum 5 seats

Best value for larger businesses/studios

  • Access to all V-Ray integrations
  • Floating – Full version license that can be shared on multiple machines
  • Support included
  • Cosmos 3D Content Library
  • 20 Chaos Cloud credits
  • Chaos Phoenix, Chaos Vantage, Chaos Player, Chaos Scans


Get V-Ray Enterprise


The plans above are for commercial use. We also offer educational licenses of V-Ray. 

Licensing options

Chaos Group offers commercial licenses, personal licenses for students and educators and licenses for academic institutions. Licenses for academic institutions can not be bought via our online store. Please contact us for a quote.

V-Ray Render Nodes

V-Ray Render Nodes speed up your V-Ray rendering workflow. Render Nodes take advantage of the combined computing power of multiple machines in a network. Continue your design work and let Render Nodes handle the rendering tasks on other machines. With support for popular render managers like Thinkbox Deadline, PipelineFX Qube and Autodesk Backburner the V-Ray Render Nodes are easily managed.

Software Specifications
Software type Rendering
Edition Commercial
License Type New license

License is delivered digitally, usually within 1-2 business days.
Please note that the right to return an item does not apply to digital deliveries or computer software where the serial number is delivered digitally. Even digital deliveries have a processing time as serial numbers and such must be verified.

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